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Human life ain't worth much in Atlanta.

*sounds of hyperventilation*

I was on my way back to the law library from an errand at the main library and was crossing Clifton Rd. right in front of the law school. The light had changed and I was headed across the street when I saw a car coming.

...And it didn't stop coming.

Motherfucker was practically back at the last light and decided red lights were for wusses. This wasn't an I-was-already-in-the-intersection red-light running, this was a real honest-to-God the-hell-with-the-law red-light running. I had to jump back to avoid being run over. I screamed and made obscene gestures. The car didn't even slow down. The guy crossing from the other way, who was not in danger of being hit, didn't even look at me. (I'm worried it was a law professor that saw it.)

When I got into the library throwing a fit, Will asked if I'd gotten the make and model, but all I remembered is that I think it was silver.

Motherfucker. I am livid. Put me in a room with that pigfucker and find out what happens when I'm really angry.
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