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Just in case you'd forgotten...

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the Lakers? Well... I really, really, really hate the Lakers. Passionately, even. I hate that smug selfish bastard Kobe Bryant. I hate Shaquille O'Neill for his ridiculous slurs on Yao Ming. I hate Gary Payton for just being a jerk and lying to the Seattle media to engineer a trade. (I still like Karl Malone, but old habits die hard.)

And I really hate that it looks like they'll probably be playing my beloved Mavericks and my future husband Steve Nash in the first round of the playoffs. Which means not only will I have to listen to the sportscasters dissing the Mavs and sucking off the Lakers, I'll have to listen to them at the same time. Better stock up on rum.

At least it's a good year for Tennessee pro sports (not to be confused with the Eeevil Empire of Orange, aka University of Tennessee). The Memphis Grizzlies (man I wish they'd changed their name to something that makes sense in Memphis) have not only their first winning season but their first 50-win season, and the Nashville Predators decided not to settle for just making the playoffs for the first time ever and decided to shock everyone by tying up their series with the 1-seed Detroit Red Wings 2-2.

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