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Stop fighting fate.

In life, I guess it's important to refine your goals as you get older.

Elementary School Goal: Become a great actress. Or a cartoonist.

Middle School Goal: Become the first woman president and marry David Johnson. (Cute guy. Totally uninterested.)

High School Goal: Become a great writer.

College Goal: Become a brilliant professor. Get married, have children.

Grad School Goal: Ummm... not die?

Post-Grad School Goal: Get a master's of library science. Get married, have children.

New Goal: Have twenty cats.

No, really, I'm serious. I love kitties, and I think a house full of kitties will make me happy. Screw all that other stuff. I want kitties.

And getting to the twenty cats will give me goals. Like, if I want to have twenty cats I'm going to have to have money. Y'know, for vet bills and cat food and kitty treats. And a nice big house, because they're going to be indoor kitties. Yeah. I'll need a better job.

Help me name my twenty cats.


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