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SVU drabble

Well, I've finally managed to finish something I wrote. Don't hold it against me that it's just a 107-word drabble for the Bob Dylan challenge at lawandorder100. It's my first drabble, so I'm proud. And oh yeah, it has Munch. (Duh.)

Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues

“Look at this crap!” Munch threw down the flyer.

”Communism's dead, John. Disappointed?” Fin smirked at his partner.

“Oh sure. Make a joke of it. Crazy Munch and his crazy conspiracies. Wake up! This political climate is ripe for the resurgence of these right-wing wackjobs, stomping on anything that smells un-American, even the Constitution. I bet Ashcroft's a card-carrying member of the Birch Boys..."

“The Birch Boys? I love them!” Casey launched into a tuneless rendition of “I Get Around.”

Munch shot the ADA one of his patented over-the-glasses glares and left. As he stomped past, Olivia could have sworn she heard a muttered I miss Alex.

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