Madam President, Queen of Snark (kellinator) wrote,
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SVU drabble

First time/last time challenge. SVU/Homicide, 113 words.

Not Again

In the split second between Fin's shout of "He's got a gun!" and the ringing of gunfire, Munch remembered the first time he saw his partner get shot.

...Three bodies in the hall, their blood on his shoes. None of them ever really recovered; Stan, already troubled, was shattered and gone in a year. And Munch, alone among them, unscathed. Alone in the room with Stan, waiting for him to wake up. Watching Beau cling to Kay and knowing there was no one to cling to him. All three with more to live for than him; why was he the one spared?

Not again was his only thought as he shoved Fin aside.
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