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Dylan challenge, L&O Old School, 119 words.

Hard Times in New York Town

"So let me get this straight. The city won't approve a budget, so the department's funds are frozen, so we can't afford gas and we're stuck out here in this smelly-ass dumpster in ninety-degree weather pretending to be 'sanitation engineers' instead of in a nice cool squadcar. Can't believe I'm missing a poker game for this... How in the hell can you eat that?"

"It's a gift." Lennie grinned and took another bite of his hot dog. "Cheer up Ed, it could be worse. Wait till you see who's taking the next shift."

"Hey! Go find your own dumpster!" Ed barked at the bag lady starting to rummage in the trash.

"Is there a problem, Detective?" Somehow Anita Van Buren had never sounded so patrician, or smelled worse.

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