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I've been meaning to make a bitchy post about how much it annoys me that Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and The Shield are on at the same time. (In fact, so is NYPD Blue, making it nearly impossible for scarcrest to catch all his favorite cop shows, but I've never gotten into NYPD Blue so I'll leave it out just to save myself some time and keystrokes.) Once again the networks cater to themselves instead of you, the viewer and consumer, who quite likely would like to watch both shows, which have an overlapping fan base. This especially pisses me off because it means I have to choose between SVU, the closest thing to a literal sequel Homicide has, and The Shield, which I feel can best be described as "Homicide's evil twin." Lately The Shield has been winning, because honestly, it's the better show. Also, it's more important to follow week-to-week, and I've had to wait so long for new episodes. And yes, I've thought that since FX runs an encore of the newest episode of The Shield at 11, I really should watch SVU at 10 and The Shield at 11, but I always delude myself that there's a chance I might get to bed before midnight even though I know damn well I won't. (atomicnumber51: "The only reason we get to talk as much as we do is because you don't sleep.")

(Note to self: Self, what the hell makes you think anyone out there gives a shit about your opinion of television schedules? Don't you have something more interesting to write about?)

(Reply to note to self: Not really. I told you, I'm about as deep as a kiddie pool.)

(Question to self: Will schizophrenic conversation in the middle of dull entry make said dull entry worth reading, if only for the point-and-laugh value?)

Well yeah, now the counterprogramming has gone from annoying to downright offensive. I logged on to LiveJournal this morning and was confronted by a list of "OMG Poor Munch!!" entries and I'm like, what the fuck?

It turns out last night was a Munch-centric episode of SVU -- probably the first Munch-centric episode in three seasons -- and I missed it.

I feel like I've failed in my duties as an obsessive squeeing fangirl.

(I don't suppose any of you taped it?)

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