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Sharing my geek hobby

Tonight I'm in need of some alone time and I was thinking that I really need to finish up a half-painted mini so I'll have it ready to return to its owner by our Saturday game. And then I got to thinking about some of the really cool craft things people on LiveJournal do, and I got a fun idea...

Want a miniature painted?

A few things to keep in mind:

  • As much as I really would like to, I can't afford to buy a mini for everyone on my friends list. So if you would like for me to paint one for you, you'll need to get the mini to me. I suppose you could even order one online and have it shipped to me, or if you know what you want, talk to me to work something out. Reaper Miniatures has some great ones that start at around three bucks. If you'd like one painted but aren't sure what you want, talk to me and I'll help you pick one out.
  • I'm a pretty slow painter, so these may take a while. I will do them, but I ask for your patience.
  • I would describe myself as a decent painter -- not a great one, probably not even a good one. I can't promise that you'll like my style, though if you have certain colors in mind I'll use them, so please don't ask me to paint your limited-edition/discontinued/rare mini. I don't want to mess up anyone's prized minis.

So, any takers? (Please, somebody take me up on this. I'll feel really silly if no one wants one.)


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