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For all my fellow Laker-haters out there

From today's Daily Quickie on Page 2 at

Two Words For You:

The Lakers are the NBA's "Mean Girls."

Catty, clique-y, back-stabby:
The Lakers' "Fab Four" wear the facade of popularity in the same snotty, self-entitled way the movie version's squad does.

But in the same way high school's "popular" kids eventually implode, the perception that Cool = Chemistry turns out to be just as superficial for these Lakers:

Kobe's reckless shooting; Payton and Mailman, who obviously want a ring so much that they combined to shoot 4 for 18; Shaq back to the old days of wince-inducing free-throw shooting; no D anywhere.

The biggest of all "Mean Girls" lessons is that, in the end, being true-to-self -- even if it means you are a little earnest or dorky -- offers the best chance for success.

Earnest? Dorky? Ladies and gentlemen, your San Antonio Spurs.

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