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Damn drinking holidays.

I propose that in the future, all holidays that involve drinking should be moved to the nearest possible Friday or Saturday night. Let's face it, when St. Patrick's Day or Cinco De Mayo fall on a weeknight, you either celebrate half-assedly or you go to work feeling like poop. Yes, I realize that these are actual cultural holidays that happen on certain days of the year for a reason. So how about we just move March 17 and May 5 to the nearest Saturday? Then people who are celebrating for cultural reasons can hopefully have a nice relaxing holiday too.

Does that sound as silly as I'm afraid it does?

Anyway, several of us converged upon Mexico Lindo to drink like little fishies celebrate. I was running late and was much surprised to discover 10dimensions and company sitting outside on the sidewalk. We're at that damn restaurant every Friday night dropping buttloads of cash and they didn't seat us for an hour and a half. People who got there well after we did were getting seated and we weren't. Finally, after said hour and a half, we decided to move the party to Julie and Dave's. I had planned on making a briefish appearance and then heading home, but when we changed the venue, plans somewhat changed. Julie made her famous margaritas and we watched South Park and ordered pizza.

My pick for funniest moment of the night:

Julie gets up for a minute and I sit down in her chair as she hollers something along the lines of "You better get out of my chair when I get back, bitch."

After a couple minutes, I stand up and someone (Kevin?) takes the chair.

Julie comes back, and Kevin starts to get up. Julie stops him, saying, "No, don't get up, you're a guest. Kelly's more like a roommate."

Actually, now that I think about it, for the number of nights I've crashed on Julie and Dave's couch, I should be paying them rent. Or at least buying them a fuckton of tequila.

Then sertrel drunk-dialed me. Much fun!

So today I am tired, behind on my sleep, and sore from sleeping funny on the couch. The line to give me massages starts over there. *ducks*

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