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SVU drabble: A Night on the Town

I finally came up with something for the Alternate Universe challenge at lawandorder100. Not on the level of add_duck's ADA Babies (go!! read!!), but, well, what is? SVU, 113 words.

"Why this? If we have to be rent-a-cops, why can't we go do security for that nutcase conspiracy theorist comedian?"

"You've seen his file, Elliot. 'Not considered a threat.'"

Olivia gestured to her newspaper. "This is making me miss the M. Butterfly revival. Have you got any idea how much those tickets cost? Everyone wants to see George Huang make his Broadway debut."

Elliot wrinkled his nose. "I didn't think you were that prissy."

"It's not prissy, it's art!"

"Settle down, kids." Cragen looked frustrated as usual. "You're doing security for this Fin-T show and that's that. The city's pretty touchy, and I don't want any riots starting when he performs 'Killer Cop.'"
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