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SVU drabble: Who's the Boss

For the Unconventional Pairings challenge at lawandorder100. 120 words.

Alex stirred as the soft morning sunlight bathed her face. She lolled in the king-size bed, savoring the caress of 300-count sheets against her bare legs, soaking in every second of the unexpected luxury. She relaxed on the overstuffed feather pillows as she idly wondered what the squad would say if they had any idea about this bed. We'd never hear the end of it...

Suddenly a tray appeared in front of her, with flowers and a perfect omelet. Alex giggled with delighted mock-protest. "I thought you said you’d let me take care of breakfast this time!"

"Have you forgotten, Counselor?" Somehow the fact that he was wearing a fuzzy bathrobe softened Don Cragen’s smirk. "You don’t work for me."

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