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SVU drabble: The Day After the Day After Tomorrow

Disaster Movie challenge at lawandorder100. SVU, 102 words.

Munch fiddled with the transmitter. "Kay says to stay inside. Huddle together if we have to."

Fin glared. "You're my partner, but not that much."

"She's safe?" Olivia asked gently. Munch nodded, misty-eyed and speechless for once.

"We're all gonna diiiiiiiie!!" Casey wailed for the millionth time.

"Hey, it's my job to say that." Munch sulked.

"We all have to stay calm," Cragen told Casey firmly. Or I'll wring your scrawny neck myself.

"But we are!! What happens when we run out of food?" Four pairs of eyes turned to stare at her. "...Why are you all looking at me like that?"
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