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For the More Things in Heaven and Earth challenge at lawandorder100. Finally, I have achieved two personal firsts with this fic: my first stab at Criminal Intent, and my first exactly-100-words drabble. Share my glee!

Say Hello to My Little Friend

A weaker woman would have fainted, but Alex Eames was made of sterner stuff than that. Instead, she merely tripped.

"Are you okay?"

"Bobby, what the hell is that?!"

"This?" Bobby absent-mindedly reached up to pet the fuzzy creature perched on his shoulder. It resembled a rabbit sitting on its hind legs and, improbably, wearing a bowtie. "He's my baby pooka. Say hi, Ernest." The creature dutifully waved.

"But... what is he doing there?"

"He tells me things." Bobby laughed conspiratorially. "Come on, Alex, you didn't really think I came up with all this crap on my own, did you?"

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