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Calling all Homicide fans, Oz fans, Law and Order fans, and fans of good TV in general.

Tonight is the big night, the night scarcrest and I have been waiting for for months -- the premiere of The Jury. Tom Fontana and Barry Levinson (y'know, the guys behind Homicide and Oz)'s latest project tackles the legal system from the point of view of the jury -- and after the verdict, you get a look at the crime to see if they got it right. And hey, Levinson's playing the judge! And guess who's subbing for him on the bench later in the summer: Andre fuckin' Braugher! And there's going to be a jury full of former Oz cast members! C'mon, you know you want it. It's even got James Yoshimura, one of Homicide's most talented scribes, on writing duty.

The Jury premieres on Fox tonight at 8 Eastern/7 Central with the first of two episodes. Check it out. And fast, because we all know how Fox is with really good shows. I want this baby on the air long enough for Fontana and Levinson to follow through with their proposed "Munch serves on a jury" episode.

Lots more info here!

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