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Content-free day

I don't think I've had a single useful or interesting thought today. I guess I used up all my conversational charm yesterday having sushi with vill (we talked smack about all of you. Ha!) and pizza with la_poubelle (we talked smack about people who aren't on LiveJournal, so nyahhh).

Since all I seem to post lately are my Law and Order drabbles, here's a poll regarding them.

What do you think of the drabbles?

Love 'em!
They're okay.
They suck.
I don't know. I don't read 'em.

How do you feel about my journal being taken over by drabbles?

Fine with me.
Dude, I'm just here for the drabbles!
Yuck. Can't you post that crap someplace else?
I don't care as long as you cut-tag 'em.

It frustrates me to no end that I can't currently write anything for myself, not even a semi-interesing LiveJournal post, to save my skin, but I can crank out drabbles in no time at all. I keep telling myself it's good writing practice in hopes of assuaging my guilt.

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