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A story about a turtle

This morning Kelly the little turtle poked her head out of her shell and looked around.

And then she pulled her head back inside her shell and went back to sleep for several hours, but that's not the point.

The point is, there's a world out there and it is terrible and wonderful and horrifying and beautiful all at the same time. And I know this. And even these setbacks have a silver lining. I'm learning who my friends are, who I can count on, who'd be better off pushed off a cliff... oh look, my sarcasm is intact.

I am living again, and I will love again and trust again and hopefully eventually have amazingly good sex. Yes, I am still very sad and hurt, and man, I still love him and pray that we could work things out, but I am prepared for the fact that that is probably not going to happen. But that doesn't change who I am.

Do I have regrets? Of course. But they don't change who I am. A little sadder, hopefully a little wiser, but still the Kellinator.

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