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So, a swashbuckler and a paladin walk into a bar...

Yesterday I was up in Athens gaming, and sujata stepped out on the porch for a smoke break. I followed her, since her character was also walking away from the group and my character wanted to ask her character a question.

We stood out there for about five minutes, the stuffy paladin and the bratty swashbuckler, chatting totally in character:

kellinator (as Felicity the swashbuckler): And in the morning, I'm making waffles!!
sujata (as Roald the paladin): What are these waffles?
Felicity: It's a word I picked up in my travels that nobody else knows. Kinda like "hobbits." Rage [the berserker halfling] is the hobbit from hell. He fucks dwarves.
Roald: *looks distinctly uncomfortable*
Felicity: Oh, am I not supposed to say that word in front of paladins?
Roald: It's more the ...behavior. Does Rage realize that when he ...mates with dwarves, no offspring will ensue? Or is he counting on it?
Felicity: I don't know. He's not that bright.
Roald: I shall discuss the virtues of abstinence with him.
Felicity (dreading the coming lecture): Oh. I guess you don't drink, either.
Roald: On the contrary, I appreciate a bottle of fine wine.
(Felicity offers a flask; Roald passes over a bottle of very good stuff.)
Felicity: Just a sip. The guys say I'm not allowed to drink before sundown anymore.

I quote the great sertrel: "You could roast masrhmallows off the flaming geekiness."

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