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There's always good news and there's always bad news (basketball edition)

Good news: jack_mccoy_fan1, hopefully I'll be joining you in rooting for the Miami Heat, because they have drafted Matt Freije, Vanderbilt's all-time leading scorer. (However, if they don't sign him, all bets are off.)

Bad news: Ohio State is going to interview Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings for their coaching vacancy. Say it ain't so, Kevin!

Keeping Me Amused News: ESPN has apparently declared this the Craziest Off-Season Ever, and is making my week by bringing me nightly episodes of my favorite soap opera, As the Lakers Churn. Just as long as Steve Nash doesn't end up a Laker, I'm happy... (The good news is, apparently Steve wants to stay with Dirk Nowitzki.)

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