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SVU drabble: The Agony and the Ecstasy

For the Drugs Challenge at lawandorder100. SVU, 100 words.

Munch walked in smiling for a change. Due to what Cragan called his "suspicious appearance," he had been spared the previous night's undercover work at the rave club.

Fin stomped past him, muttering about "that crazy bitch."

Munch looked past his partner and felt his jaw hit the floor. Casey sat atop Olivia's desk in full slutty-schoolgirl regalia, playing with Olivia's hair and sucking a pacifier in a method best described as obscene.

Olivia slumped with resignation as Casey gazed adoringly at her. "You are my best friend."

"What the hell...?"

Olivia sighed. "She mistook some E for a Tic-Tac."

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