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Miniature pictures!!

The Reaper miniature painting day at the War Room last weekend went terrifically and we're hoping to make a monthly event of it. And one of the attendees was kind enough to take some pictures of my minis! Furthermore, I actually figured out how to put them on the web all by myself. I'm so proud I could pop. The War Room isn't really the best environment for taking photos (the gold isn't quite so loud in the actual minis), but I believe you can get the idea from these.


This was the first mini I painted (well, finished at least), the infamous Martina the swashbuckler. Painted during February, I think. And I had to get LJ-less Marie to do the eyes. This is before I knew you were supposed to thin your paints, plus I messed up on her face several times (tip: don't do detail work when you're really not sober) and had to paint over it, which is why her nose is so huge and her face looks spackled on.

Martina, new and improved

After learning from the Reaper boards and various websites about some of the finer points of mini-painting, I decided to give Martina another go. I'm really pleased with how she turned out, though I'm sure in a few months I'll try again. I did all the work on this one myself, eyes included. Thinning the paints makes all the difference -- you can see much more of the detail on the mini, especially in her face. She's still nothing compared to most of the work I saw on Sunday, but I think she's a pretty significant improvement for only a little over four months.

I think you can get a better view of what she actually looks like from this picture:

Have fun storming the castle!

And here are a couple of my other early minis -- flawed, to be sure, but not bad for a beginner, I think:



Comments and painting tips appreciated!

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