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another drabble, thoughtfully cut-tagged for those who could give a shit less

For the Movie Titles challenge at lawandorder100. SVU, 112 words.

Mariska Hargitay was in...

"Why do gun-nut wackjobs always have a cabin upstate?"

"Because they're gun-nut wackjobs. Come on, let's talk to the neighbor."

A grizzled man in a trucker's cap approached, cradling a very large shotgun. "Can I help you?" He caressed the firearm as he spoke.

"Doing a little target practice?" Elliot nodded to the soda cans lined up on the distant fence.

"Yeah." The man softened, sensing a kindred spirit. He passed Elliot the gun. "She's a beaut," Elliot murmured.

"May I?" Olivia lifted the shotgun gently.

"That's a lot of gun for a woman," the man scowled.


The last shredded can hit the ground. "Got anything bigger?" Olivia smirked.

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