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"There's one in every crowd."

The Sarah McLachlan concert was last night and was breathtaking. Sarah sounded phenomenal (as somebody else, I can't remember who, pointed out, her music hasn't always shown how wonderful her voice is) and looked like she was having a fabulous time. The set was really cool -- kind of had a wooded glade thing going on -- and the lights were pretty. (That's me for you: "oooh, pretty lights...")

However, there was one big problem with the show:

The people in front of us.

For two hours, leopard_print and I were treated to the antics of a bunch of Buckhead brats who were more interested in holding prolonged shrill conversations, playing with their cell phones, constantly getting up for the all-important more alcohol, and generally being asshats. Exhibit A in why if you're going to turn into an asshole if you get drunk, then you shouldn't drink. And anyway, I don't really have room to pass judgment on others' drinking, but dude, I don't get it. Those were good seats that somebody paid a lot of money for -- wouldn't you like to be sober enough to actually enjoy the concert? It's not Woodstock, dude.

That's the closest I've ever come to dumping a drink on someone. I did exchange words with one at some point; luckily leopard_print got me the hell out of there at the end of the concert before I could get myself in any trouble.

You know, they were pretty girls, obviously well-off -- dude, isn't it enough that you're pretty and rich? Do you have to be an asshole too, just because you can get away with it? I really wish I could see some concrete proof of karma when it comes to people like this.

To those people, all I really have to say is: Wow, you did what I thought was impossible: You made Britney Spears look classy in comparison.
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