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Last night a few of us got together with 10dimensions to celebrate her birthday, and... it was just an awesome time. Really astonishingly awesome. We had lots of girl talk, including one announcement of "We need margaritas and chocolate if we're going to talk about this." We had this wonderful torte and 10dimensions' famous margaritas. I really have to give it to eaterofgodz -- he's the most laid-back person I know who doesn't have all the negative qualities that get associated with laid-back, like undependable and irresponsible. He dealt so well with having his house taken over by a bunch of crazy women yelling at him to bring them refills. And then we went to IHOP and ate lots of greasy yummy food. And it was just so wonderful to be around my friends. The best part, I think, was when bheansidhe said that "everyone in this room is in much better shape than they were six months ago" and I realized she was absolutely right.

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