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As usual, there's good news and then there's bad news.

The Good News: Apparently everyone finally got the memo, and Gotham Central's selling like crazy. The latest issue sold out at Criminal Records the day they got it and sold eight copies at the Book Nook in, like, two days. I'd like to think that I've made some converts but I'm not completely delusional and realize that it's quite probably related to Bendis' recent shout-out on the Powers letters page. (BTW, if you love Powers, you should be reading Gotham Central too.)

The Bad News: This means I do not have a copy of the latest issue of Gotham Central. I can still think of a couple of stores to hit, but I'm dying for this issue (it's the conclusion of the Harvey Bullock story arc!) and getting increasingly frustrated. I need my fix, dammit!!

BTW, if you spoil this issue for me, I KEEL YOU.

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