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Interesting weekend...

Okay, by my standards it was pretty calm, but that's still interesting.

Friday night at margarita_fri I got married. To zorathenne. vernard perfomed the ceremony, which was awfully generous considering that she's his girlfriend and all. But he knows that she just wants me for my snark. But yes, zorathenne and I have been joined in Holy Snarkimony. Furthermore, she's my bitch. Yaaay!! I always wanted a bitch... You'd think the staff would have brought us those weird shots they do sometimes to celebrate the occasion.

Huge crowd. barefoothiker was visiting. Yaaaay!! :)

Then we went over to 10dimensions and eaterofgodz to watch Kill Bill Vol. II. I made it all the way to Chapter the Last and then I fell asleep (which I think I did the first time I saw Vol. I). I was pissed when I woke up, but then I realized it was a good thing because what Bill calls the Bride, that was the same thing this old boyfriend of mine used to call me and therefore I got it into my head that calling him after the movie would be a great idea. Sometimes my subconscious is smarter than I give it credit for. So I still don't know how it ends and don't tell me. So far I don't like Vol. II as much as Vol. I, but I didn't really like Vol. I till the second time I saw it so I'll reserve judgment.

Saturday night was Cheesy Movie Night at lucent_alchemy's. Much fun was had, though I was kinda tired and obsessed with tiaras and therefore not really on my MST3K game. Oh well, there's always next time.

Sunday was another miniature-painting day at the War Room. Much fun was had, though I really hadn't improved much since last time because I've been practicing so little lately. The people though were extremely cool and I do think I'm getting a little bit better. Hopefully I'll have a picture of my latest to post later and get some feedback.

Oh, and Ted Nugent was on Aqua Teen. *snort*

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