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Your friendly neighborhood Gotham Central update

Well, there's good news and there's bad news.

The good news:

I've done some checking and according to Ed Brubaker on the DC message boards, so far there are two trades planned for next year: "Half a Life" (issues 6-10, the Renee Montoya-Two-Face story which won an Eisner) and "Soft Targets/Unresolved" (issues 12-15 and 19-22, Joker as sniper and Harvey Bullock storylines).

The bad news:

That means some issues are getting left out of the trades, like the excellent #11, which was a look at the squad from Stacy the civilian secretary who turns on the Bat-signal's point of view and an excellent jumping-on point for new readers who don't know who these people are. Plus, we still have to wait till next year.

So anyway, this is just to let you know that if you're a Gotham Central fan, you may want to start picking it up monthly or hit eBay for what you've missed to avoid potentially missing out on some good stuff. (I can't believe they're leaving stuff out!! Arrrgh!!)

...I so need a Gotham Central icon. Some weeks half this journal is geeking out over Gotham Central.

EDIT: Have an icon, thanks to lonesomenumber1!!
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