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It's going to be Monday all motherfucking day.

Dear Place of Employment,

It's bad enough that you charge me almost $300 a year for the privilege of parking my car while I do my job, but it just adds insult to injury when you don't give me a place to fucking park.

Fuck you and your fucking racket,

Dear Atlanta Drivers,

You have these nifty thingies on your car. They're called "turn signals." You should try using them sometime. They're fun!

Bite me,

Dear Atlanta Road Maintenance People,

I find it fascinating that in my four years in Atlanta, you've 1). never actually finished anything you were working on and 2). spent most of your time paving and repaving the roads of rich people.

Graft much?,

Dear George Lucas,

Bitch, please. Face facts, the prequels blow, and so do your changes to the original trilogy. That wouldn't bother me nearly so much if it weren't for your snooty attitude towards the fans who have made you a kajillionaire. You know why people "saw half a completed film and fell in love with it"? Because it was good. Jar Jar is not good. Take notes, there will be a test.

Han shoots first, dammit,
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