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Cue the squeeing fangirliness!!

Just got the email confirmation -- my Season 5 Homicide DVDs have shipped!!

*runs around screaming*

Last year, this would have resulted in an all-day Homicide binge (like the Saturday I got Season 3, when I ran around screaming, called scarcrest to brag, watched "Crosetti", called scarcrest again blubbering crying, got vodka and chocolate and watched "The City that Bleeds", called scarcrest yet again bawling and giving my tipsy dissertation on Beau and Kay, ad infinitum ad nauseum...).

But this time around, I'm not even done with the Season 4 DVDs yet. And I know I won't find time for them this weekend, what with a party, a photo shoot, a miniature painting day at the War Room...

It's great to have Homicide. It's even better to have a life.

BTW, to my fellow Munch junkies -- Season 5 has "Kaddish", the Munch episode.
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