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This isn't the worst possible way to start a morning, but it's gotta be up there.

This morning when I stumbled out of bed, I had one very important thing to do as well as the usual getting-ready-for-work stuff: seal the mini.

Bit of background here: I've been participating in a miniature exchange over at the Reaper message boards where I hang out to talk about mini painting. You get a name, you paint them a mini, somebody paints you a mini. Most of the painters over there are miles better than I am, so I was really trying to do a good job on this one. I even looked up the person and found out that he liked Egyptian stuff, so I got him a mummy. A ridiculously detailed mummy warrior that I've been working on for something like two months. Seriously. The mini is like two weeks late. But I took it to the mini-painting day on Sunday to finish it up and get some feedback and people seemed to like it. I definitely felt it was my best ever. Our camera guru took some shots of it so I'll probably have those to post soon.

But yeah. So all that was left before I could send Ye Olde Mummy Lord to his new home was some sealer. Last night I coated him pretty well with a couple of coats of thick gloss. All that was left to do was some Dullcote to cut the shine.

So I grabbed the mini, grabbed the can, shook, and sprayed...

...and white primer came out.

In my groggy rush I'd grabbed the wrong can. This is one of the best-documented mini-painting gaffes out there. I'd been warned, but I still did it. And now my lovely mummy warrior looks like the Abominable Snowman.

I still haven't figured out what to do. Maybe I'll be able to fix it. But more likely I'll throw myself on the mercy of the masses at Reaper and hope the guy I painted for is laughing too hard to be pissed.

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