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Kellinator to the rescue!!

I decided this morning that I need a superheroine identity. Vote for your favorite!

Soap Opera Girl!
Her special power: She turns the lives of her friends, enemies, and pets into an episode of Days of Our Lives, complete with hysterics and demon possessions!!

Credit Card Girl!
Able to max out tall Visas in a single bound!! What's in your wallet?

Useless Trivia Girl!
Trust me, she's the one you want on your side at Trivia Night!

Disappearing Metabolism Girl!
Never mind, this one's too depressing even for me...

Caffeinated Girl!
When mild-mannered Kelly pops into a coffee house for a mocha, out comes Caffeinated Girl, ready to protect the citizens of Atlanta through sheer obnoxiousness!

Nibbler! (thanks, gamgee)
She'll eat anything, drink anything, and then she'll burp!

Time-Wasting Girl!
I'll give you a hint, she just wrote this entry!

Oh well, this is all just a lame attempt to get Jaaason to draw me a cool userpic!

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