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For once, one of these quizzes gets me right.

I am a hybrid of:
Indie Girl
Academic Girl

Click on the pictures below to read more:

Indie GirlAcademic Girl
Take the 'What Kind of Girl Are You?' quiz at

Cool. Two of my favorite forms of geekery -- literature and pop culture. (Shame there wasn't a Gaming Girl option, but what do you expect?) It's like a combination of my past and my present. And who knows what the future may hold...

I bet at least a few of you expected Party Girl. Truth be told, I kind of did too. Then I realized that while I may talk a good game, I'm not exactly in the vapid Paris Hilton category. 10dimensions and I may be a force to be feared at margarita_fri, but really, that's less about wildness than it is a chance for good friends to hang out and cut loose after the workweek. I've never been big into bars unless I'm there with a bunch of friends, and I'm afraid clubs are entirely lost on me (says the girl who fell asleep at the DNA Lounge). And considering that last Friday night I got ordered to stop bitching about politics as it was Friday night and all, I think I can give myself a pass in the "vapid" department.

However, I'm not certain if the concept behind the book this quiz is advertising will work. It suggests making the Academic Girl Ernest Hemingway tapas. Considering my feelings on Hemingway, I think I'd rather have the menu for the Party Girl -- greasy bar food. Mmmmmm.

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