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Adult Swim -- WTF, mate?

So last night was supposed to be the premiere of Squidbillies on Adult Swim. "Supposed to be" being the key phrase there. They've been promoting this thing for months, and I was actually kind of excited about it. So what's up with replacing it with a lame cartoon mocking anime and then claiming in a bump that they "painted [them]selves into a corner and lost interest"? I wouldn't mind so much if Adult Swim didn't seem to do this frequently. It's like they assume that we're so stoned they can throw whatever they want on the screen and we'll watch it because we're too lazy to change the channel. Which is probably true more often than not. But it certainly isn't going to build confidence or buzz. Ergo, won't build ratings either.

Also, Squidbillies was one of the best-looking of the new stuff they've been promoting. This Tom Goes to the Mayor thing looks like crap. So is it really dead? I needed some good redneck jokes.
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