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This is why you should never pass up an opportunity to rant and rave.

For a couple of weeks now I've been wanting to post my thoughts on the new NBA season, but just haven't had time to do it right, or so I thought. Well, big deal now, because all anyone's going to talk about for the rest of the season is the Pacers/Pistons fight. Seriously, like twenty people in nbafans   posted the suspensions like they thought they were breaking the news. So I got to see it on my friends list at least twenty times. Which is maaaaybe a tiny part of why I had to go to skip=900 to catch up. But I digress.

But... yeah. Sad. A few random thoughts:

  • What the fuck was Ben Wallace thinking? Starting stuff with Ron Artest is like playing with matches in a fireworks factory. Wallace isn't stupid...
  • ...therefore my really cynical side wonders if the Pistons were hoping to start something that would get Artest suspended and the Pacers down in the standings. But probably I've just been smoking too much crack.*
  • Kobe Bryant should send Ron Artest the biggest bouquet of flowers he's ever seen as a thank-you for taking over the NBA's Public Enemy Number One spot. Maybe one of them big diamonds too.
  • Though I'm hardly the first to mention it, I'm still digging the irony of Rasheed Wallace and Rick Mahorn trying to break up a fight.
  • Am I the only one betting Terrell Owens is secretly pissed that this has gotten everyone to forget about the Monday Night Football kerfuffle? Which I still can't believe. I saw a lot more than that as a kid watching soap operas with my mom. If you want my opinion (and you probably don't), that was all about race. Beer-drinkin' football-watchin' rednecks like my dad don't want to see a blue-eyed blond throwing herself at a big black athlete. Truth be told, I thought the skit was pretty funny.
  • The fans who ran out on the court were trying to provoke shit so they could file lawsuits, and I hope they won't be able to work the system.
  • All the talk that this is going to destroy the NBA is ludicrous. Is it bad for the image? Of course. But so was Latrell Sprewell choking his coach, and he went on to be an All-Star and fan favorite. And face it, as Artest would say, you can't buy this kind of publicity. Hi, I'm Mark Cuban! Only not really so the NBA can't fine me for what I say in my blog. Which is good because I ain't got no money. I'd call myself the poor man's Mark Cuban except I don't think even I'm that crazy.
  • Finally, it's kind of troubling to me that for all the talk from the commentators about what a great organization the Pacers are, apparently nobody ever sat down with Ron Artest to talk about getting some help. If he was limping in practice they would have sent him to a doctor; why didn't they at least try here? Is it because of the mental-health stigma? Or they didn't think he would do anything about it? Even from the most mercenary standpoint, you'd think they would want to protect their investment.


 * The Kellinator does not actually smoke crack, nor does she condone the smoking of crack. Crack is wack.

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