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meme swiped from damn near everyone

My journal name is The Queen of Snark because a few people started calling me that and I liked it. For a long time it was Adorably Neurotic, but I kinda outgrew that.

My journal title is Kellinator Jones and the Temple of Snark because... ummm? I came up with it and I liked it? I no longer remember how I came up with that one. But it fits with the feel.

My subtitle is "This is what happens when overachievers go bad" because it's true. ;) I bounced it off tenn_crichton in a bar in Chattanooga and he approved, so I ran with it.

My friends page is called Raiders of the Lost Snark because blueingenue said it one day and it was just perfect.

My username is kellinator because it was a nickname given to me by a dear old bunch of roommates. It also has many useful additional derivatives. Like the time that I ate some food Jen was saving, not realizing how very much she was looking forward to it, and the poor thing sat there for five minutes screaming "MY PASTA HAS BEEN KELLINATED!!!"

My default icon is this one because arkhamrefugee made it for me with all the bells and whistles. It's a photo of myself that I actually like and it has my title on it. What can I say? I'm vain!

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