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Putting the outrageous amounts of food back in the holidays!

I make no secret of the fact I love to eat. Especially at the holidays. There are so many terrific foods we only have in December, like my mom's peanut-butter fudge, or my co-worker's spiced pecans or whatever the hell they are, they're good. So why, with all this yummy food now and New Year's resolutions just around the corner, why do so many people feel compelled to give lectures about not enjoying holiday food too much? You know, all the damn articles that tell you to only take carrots from the buffet and have a healthy snack before you go anyplace where you might be tempted to enjoy yourself by eating yummy holiday food that only comes once a year. You'd think they'd just be in annoying women's magazines, but now they're in the newspapers too. Geez, like I can't come up with enough freakin' guilt on my own.

I was bitching about this the other night (while eating fresh chocolate-chip cookies) and leopard_print said it sounded like an Unsent Letter in the works. But now, thanks to the marvelous mamaluna, we have something much better!

Holiday Diet Tips

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