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You know you missed 'em... Unsent Letters!!

Dear Guy at the Law Firm in Chicago,

You know, it really irritated me when you called yammering about how you needed me to get you some copies of Georgia legal documents right now. But it was totally worth it to hear how embarrassed you sounded when I asked "Were you aware that those books are in Westlaw?"

Still amused,

Dear Crappy For-Profit Group That Keeps Sending Me Requests,

If you're going to make us do your dirty work for you, copying stuff for OCLC requests so you can sell it to other people, which seems ethically murky to me but they don't pay me to think, could you at least try to figure out the damn page numbers? Unless you want to pay me a finder's fee, that is.

No love,

Dear Harvard Law Students of My Birth Year,

Being forced to page through your little student newspaper did at least reassure me that there have always been obnoxious and shallow law students, even at Harvard. This would doubtless make me feel a whole lot better if I didn't know that now you're probably all rich and I'm not.

Not directed at any of the law students on my flist, of course,

Dear Finger,

Sorry about the mondo paper cut. Occupational hazard, don'tcha know.


EDIT (after five minutes of waiting to see if this post would go through):

Dear LiveJournal,

If you guys are selling, does that mean the site will actually start loading?


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