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Bit of a sports rant

This morning on SportsCenter, I heard an Eagles fan declaring yesterday was the "greatest day in the history of Philadelphia" and exulting that the curse was over.

Ummm... what curse? Is there a curse I don't know about?

Then I check LJ and someone in nbafans is whining that the Suns are cursed. No, they're losing because the MVP (Steve Nash for MVP!! Steve Nash for MVP!!) is out injured. But I digress. What's with all this making up curses just because you can't accept that your team lost?

Yes, I know that Philly sports teams have terrible, terrible luck. But in my opinion, a curse should be, well, a curse. Like, related to something specific. The Curse of the Bambino? That's a curse. The Black Sox Curse? That's a curse. Curse Because We Keep Losing, Dammit? Not so much.

Hey, I know all about losing. I'm a Vandy fan. But we don't lose because of some curse. We lose because we suck.
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