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I am a lucky lucky girl.

Car update:

Yesterday afternoon Michael's father and I were attempting to get the car to the dealership. We couldn't get it two miles before it overheated. I was freaking out.

Then the phone rang.

albumlady: Hey! How are you?
kellinator: *growl*

Someone must have been looking out for me, because albumlady didn't know about my car, but once I told her, she reminded me that greenmtnboy "eats, sleeps, and breathes cars." He came over to have a look, and managed to get the broken radiator cap off. He also referred me to his friend Drew at Pro Tech in Marietta.

Michael loaned me his car so I could get to work today. That's love, folks. He and his parents were terrific throughout, which really touched me. At one point when I was out in the freezing cold with the car, he took off his sock cap and put it on me.

Michael's dad took my car to Pro Tech this morning and was very impressed with Drew. I was also impressed with him when we talked on the phone.

The best news of all, though, was a little while ago when Drew called to let me know that nothing else seemed to be leaking, and the engine wasn't overheating -- the radiator cap did the trick! I have a new mechanic.

Everyone, if you need a good mechanic in the Atlanta/Marietta area, I totally recommend Drew at Pro Tech. Just email me if you need his number.

And thank you all for the advice! I'm a very, very lucky girl.

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