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Damn you, Marvel!! Damn you to hell!!

From scarcrest comes the disturbing news that Ed Brubaker is signing an exclusive contract with Marvel.


Marvel's already snatched away Michael Lark, and now Brubaker? What the hell? Do they have it in for Gotham Central, The Greatest Comic on the Market Except for Possibly Fables (and Barry Ween if Judd Ever Gets Around to it), or something? Is there even any Marvel stuff suited to Brubaker's style? Please don't tell me they're going to have him writing Ultimately Astonishingly Sell-Out X-Men or some such shit. Frankly, I'm relieved I haven't been reading any Marvel lately (aside from the very occasional She-Hulk or Supreme Power) because I don't want my money going to fund this murder.

I shall be forced to console myself with the knowledge, courtesy of ardentdelirium, that Superman Is a Dick. (Just trust me. Click that link.)
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