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Fun with SVU!

Michael and I have come up with a little game to make Law and Order: SVU even more entertaining: The Tick Tick Game.

See, the rumor circulating is that Chris Meloni is planning on leaving when his contract is up. Stabler's always been... less stable than his name would suggest, and all the signs this season -- his separation, his getting suspended at the drop of a hat, ad infinitum ad nauseum -- suggest that he'll be written off the show by completely going postal.

Michael and I regularly call each other after new episodes and start the conversation with "He's gonna blow," so the Tick Tick Game is the logical extension.

Every time we see a Very Obvious Sign of Elliott's impending nervous breakdown, we go "tick tick tick tick tick tick tick." Because he's a ticking time bomb.

Elliott tries to nudge his son away from crime-scene photographs as the kid goes, "Is she dead?" Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick.

Close-up of Elliott watching as his son beats up hookers in a Grand Theft Auto ripoff. Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick.

Elliott staring at a pair of cold-blooded thrill-killers. Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick.

We are sick fucks.
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