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Bowing to peer pressure

Or, I haven't written anything interesting on LJ in forever and I've already told most of these stories but what the hell, I'm bored.

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't:

  1. Beat Ken Jennings at Final Jeopardy. (Unfortunately for my pride and my bank account, that was all I beat him at.)
  2. Fallen asleep in the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. While the music was still going, even.
  3. Held a book that Anne of Cleves gave to Henry VIII as a wedding present.
  4. Gotten kicked out of grad school. Not dropped out, kicked out.
  5. Given a romance novel a negative review that was then twisted to sound like a positive review and quoted in the author's next book.
  6. Accepted a marriage proposal made over a telnet chat program.
  7. Gotten trashed at the administrative headquarters of my university while still underage, under the eyes of the campus police.
  8. Gotten a small crowd of Vandy students seated in the end zone to yell "Another Heath Shuler" at Peyton Manning during a football game.
  9. Placed in a high-school poetry contest... with a poem about Duke basketball.
  10. Scored my first roadkill in a driver's ed class.
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