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Law and Order: Special Ripoff Unit

In the first season of Homicide: Life on the Street, there was an episode titled "Three Men and Adena." The premise of the episode is that Bayliss and Pembleton have twelve hours to interrogate the chief suspect in the rape and murder of 11-year-old Adena Watson and if they don't break him in that time, he's gone forever.

"Three Men and Adena" is widely considered one of the finest episodes of Homicide and some critics consider it one of the best hours ever aired on network television, period. I kid you not, a New York Times article reported that some police departments use it as a training video.

Last night's episode of Special Victims Unit was just like "Three Men and Adena", only without the brilliant writing and subtle acting.

Could they beat us over the head any more with the Tick-Tick Game? Good thing Michael (who, by the way, I showed "Three Men and Adena" this weekend -- he's turning into quite the Homicide fan) and I weren't watching together -- we would have spent the entire episode screaming "TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK" so loud we couldn't hear the TV, and that would have shot my concentration for sending snarky text-messages to scarcrest.

Personally, I think Olivia shot first so Stabler wouldn't have it on his head. After all, she wouldn't get in trouble for it. She's SuperOlivia the SuperCop. She's so super that she has her own fan club of creepy stalkers who clip all the article about her out of the newspaper. SooooperOlivia to the rescue!!

And how about Matthew Modine acting crazy? When are they going to run out of guest stars "like you've never seen them before"? It was old two seasons ago.

Best thing going for it: No Casey.

...Okay, I had much better snark on this last night. scarcrest has a better analysis if you're interested.

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