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Law and Order: Sicko Ripoff Unit

Wow, have the SVU writers been spending too much time watching The Shield or what? That episode was fucked up. (Even more so than normal, that is.)

First of all, I am SO FUCKING SICK of all these Very Special Guest Stars "as you've never seen them before!" It's like a big flashing neon sign that says "I'm playing a really fucked-up psycho killer."

I'm also really sick of being so much smarter than the cops. At first it was an ego boost when I figured the whole thing out by 10:30 while Olivia and Elliott were still trying to pull their brains out of their butts, but now it's just annoying. I was sitting there screaming at the TV about didn't it ever occur to them that his accomplice didn't have to be a man and his brain-dead wife (Cragen's line was the best thing about the episode: "She's almost too dumb to exist") was the most likely suspect. You'd think that they would have seen the Bob-and-Marcia episode of The Shield, especially since the writers were ripping it off.

Michael and I didn't even bother playing the Tick Tick Game, probably because 1). the couple of times we tried, the tick ticks drowned out the latest insane bit of dialogue, 2). we would have been tick-ticking the entire damn episode, and 3). I think we both wanted Stabler to beat the everlovin' shit out of him.

I'd like to add that it is extremely creepy in a bad way to settle in to watch SVU fifteen minutes after having sex.

And the baby bit at the end? Should have been obvious to everyone after we found out Psycho-boy was impotent with his wife.

Though I did enjoy the whole "don't mess with Sister Peg, you sick fuck" attitude.

I bet you're thinking, "well Kelly, if you're SO FUCKING SICK of this show, why do you keep watching it?" Because I'm addicted. Yes, I am a Law and Order addict. I even watch it when it sucks, unless I've already seen the episode three times. And the Tick Tick Game really does grow on you.
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