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Good news

It feels a little selfish to have any happy news for myself in the middle of this awful week, but I have to share. I called the couple who are my potential landlords tonight to let them know I wanted the apartment, and they were all for it. In fact, they said that having "the right person" was more important to them than money, so they're willing to give me a $70 break on the rent -- that means $625 a month. Utilities included. For my own one-bedroom apartment.

With all the bad-roommate-luck I've had, this is a delight to me. I just hope my landlords are sane. I hate being so fearful, but based on the past, I kinda have to be. But I seem to have a love-it-or-hate-it personality, y'know? And it's really nice knowing that they like me.

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