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Today has been way too interesting.

This morning my phone rang:

ariedana: Hey, I'm just calling to make sure you're at work, because there's been a shooting at the Fulton County Courthouse.
kellinator: I'm not at work. I'm downtown.

Yup, I was at GSU Law for an interlibrary loan meeting at the time this was all going down. My mother didn't know, so of course I had to tell her. "Thanks for calling to check on me, Mom. Yes, of course I'm fine... I was downtown while it was happening. I saw the police helicopters. Don't you feel great about me living in the big city?"

I'm such a bad daughter.

My parents worry about me working so close to the CDC, in case of a terrorist attack or something.

What I Tell Them: "Mom, Dad, there's no reason to worry. They take all sorts of safety precautions. It's probably one of the safest places I could be."
What I'm Thinking: If something happens to the CDC, I am so toast, but I'm not telling them that.

So yeah. Psycho killer loose in the Southeast, watch out for a green Honda Accord. If you have a green Honda Accord, stay off the road so you won't be mistaken for a psycho killer.

I'd try to say Something Important here, but there really aren't words for stuff like this.
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