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In which I drool over Steve Nash. A lot.

So kingjohn2nd and alison_says took me to the Hawks-Suns game Tuesday night. The seats, through Kevin's law firm, were freakin' sweet. We were only a few rows behind the visitors' bench. Which meant I could stare at Steve Nash as much as I wanted.

I'd been to a Hawks' game once before, but that was in a skybox with sirinek and though it's really cool, you don't get the full game experience up there. They do a lot of cool things to distract you from the fact that the Hawks really suck, like having a real live hawk fly to center court. At the same time, it was hardly the on-your-feet-the-entire-game experience that is a Vandy home game in the students' section. It was much more laid-back.

I had no idea NBA players hugged so much. It's like a love-in.

If you go to an NBA game, be sure and get there early to watch the shootaround. It was pretty cool watching what the players did. Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire were playing a little one-on-one.

I had my camera and while most of the pictures did not seem to turn out well, I got at least a couple of decent shots of Steve and one of a killer dunk from Amare. And Josh Howard had some spectacular dunks too.

It was a blast. Thanks, Alison and Kevin!

And I'm sure you're all glad to know that Steve Nash is going about his daily business, unmolested by any crazed fangirls. ;)

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