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no, I'm not done ranting yet

From Newsweek's feature, The Legacy of Terri Schiavo:

"But in the Senate, lawmakers felt more comfortable with a bill narrowly tailored to Terri's case—an approach that would help secure Democratic support. Only days before the scheduled withdrawal of her feeding tube on March 18, House and Senate negotiators still hadn't reached a compromise on a bill. [Jeb Bush's former adviser Ken] Connor blew up on a phone call with a senior GOP House member: 'What's the point of having Republicans in control?' he asked. 'The Republican base is going to hold the House leadership accountable.'"

If we're to the point where the only reason to be in politics is to push through your own agenda regardless of what's best for all the people in this nation, then we might as well give up and start over, because the American experiment is over.

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