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Booya, baby! April showers!

Oh yeah! A huge-ass line of thunderstorms is headed right for us! And they're heavy thunderstorms! said so!

I loooooooove thunderstorms. I love rain, but throw in thunder and lightning and it's ten times better. Growing up in Tennessee, we used to go out on the front porch and watch the lightning in the distance. Near the end of my drive home from Easter, I saw the biggest, most gorgeous lightning strikes, and I just regretted that I had to drive the damn car instead of watching them. But I digress. Yeah. I like thunderstorms. Big noisy ones with lots of lightning.

*looks at's hourly forecast*

Hey!! What do you mean the "heavy" storms don't start until 1 in the morning? Dude! I've got to get some sleep sometime!

Oh well, guess I'll just have to watch Eyes instead...

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