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Support television with an IQ: Save Eyes.

I am pissed beyond all reason that ABC is not planning to bring back the best show on the entire network, Eyes. I've mentioned Eyes a few times, but LJ entries are inadequate to express my love for this show. It's stylish, witty, tightly plotted, has cool gadgets, what more could you want? Plus who would have ever expected Tim Daly, the boring brother from Wings, to become the sexiest guy on network TV? The scene where Daly's character, Harlan Judd, tells a corrupt judge he's going to regret trying to ruin his beloved lawyer was just jaw-droppingly intense. Daly is terrific as the guy who claims he's "an amoral, opportunistic, greedy bastard" but really has a well-developed moral code that he's too smart to let you see.

However, I wonder if ABC even ever wanted this show to succeed. They put it on against Law and Order, just like Karen Sisco, meaning many viewers who would have loved this show are watching the same TV institution they've been watching for the past fifteen years. ABC has given Eyes next to no promotion and pre-empted it at the last minute for brainless garbage like the American Idol exposee and SuperNanny Reunion: You All Still Suck.

It might look like it's too late to do anything, but they said that about Firefly and Farscape too. If you love me, or if you love good TV, go check out Save Eyes and sign the petitions here and here. You deserve a chance to see this show.

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